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Specialty Products FOR SC / FS & EW FORMULATIONS

Jeemox 102 Proprietary Blend of surfactants developed specially for Carbendazim SC formulations
Jeemox 105 Blend of Anionic Surfactants developed for Hexaconazole SC formulation
Jeemox 108 EO / PO block co polymer recommended alongwith Jeemox 150 for Hexaconazole SC formulation
Jeemox 150 Anionic surfactant developed for various SC formulation
Jeemox MOS Non-ionic block copolymer, polymeric - low HLB surfactant
Jeemox 1515 Graft polymeric surfactant for high active SC and FS formulations.
Jeemox 1449 Combed polymeric - low HLB surfactant
Jeemox 999 Blend of polyoxyethlene aryl ether and EO/PO block co-polymer developed for various SC formulations
Jeemox D306 Ethoxylated polyaryl phenol phosphate ester for Indoxacarb SC formulation
Jeemox W135 Ethoxylated Tristerylphenol used for Indoxacarb formulation
Jeemol VMS Rheology modifier for W / O emulsions and OS formulations - Indoxacarb and Mancozeb OS formulation.
Jeemox FL / FLK Ethoxylated polyaryl phenol phosphate, amine salt
Jeemox WD 540 Anionic surfactant for high active SC formulations. Stabilizer for Sc formulations
Jeemox 007 Surfactant developed for Glyphosate formulation
Jeemox PGD Combed polymeric surfactant developed for Mancozeb OSĀ 
Formulation and Lambda Cyhalothrin capsule formulation.
Jeemox SSF Adjuvant for Sulfosulfuron WDG formulation
Jeemox MSM Adjuvant for Metsulfuron Methyl WP formulation
Jeemox W 4500 Polymeric non-ionic surfactant for SC and FS formulations