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Jeevan Chemicals Private Limited (JCPL) has range of surfactants developed specially for various Wettable Powders, Granules, EWs , and Suspension Concentrate formulations. The range includes both non-ionic and anionic products, which are proprietary to JCPL.

These surfactants are based on the recent innovative technologies and are third generation products.

Jeemol 555 Styrene acrylate based dispersing Agent for WDG formulations
Jeemol SDF powder Antifoam agent in powder form
Jeemol DMLl Biodegradable, low foam wetting agent, developed as an alternate to JEEMOL PS
Jeemol DW Single surfactant system for various WP formulations like Carbendazim, Carbaryl, Mancozeb + Carbendazim, Metalaxyl + Mancozeb, Captan, Diflubenzuron, Diuron, Lindane, Thiophenate methyl, Oxydiargyl, Fosetyl, Ethapon, Ipridion, Deltamethrin, Alphamethrin, Permethrin, Chlorothalonil, Metsulfuron Methyl.
Jeemox 1515 Comb polymeric surfactant developed specially for Imidacloprid FS and various high active SC formulations.
Jeemox 150 Blend of anionic surfactants developed specially for Hexaconazole,Carbendazim, Imidacloprid, Mancozeb, Sulphur SC formulation
Jeemol 999 Blend of surfactants based on EO - PO copolymer for SC andEW formulations
Jeemol D 500 Dispersing agent developed for WP & WDG formulations.
Jeemol W 108 Wetting agent developed for WDG formulations
Jeemol WP High performance low foam wetting agent developed for WP and WDG formulations
Jeemol D 151 Wetting cum Dispersing agent based on Taurate family, developed for Clodinafob WP and Imemectin Benzoate WDG formulations

Offering customer advantage by providing value added propositions through Innovation.

  • Low foam surfactants for Wettable powder formulations Single surfactant system covering broad range of WP formulations
  • High tech third generation surfactants effective at lower dosage
  • Adjuvants for Sulfonyl Ureas : Increase efficacy at reduced rate
  • Surfactants for SC formulations like Imidacloprid, Carbendazim, Hexaconazole, Mancozeb, Sulphur, Atrazine, Ametryn, Indoxacarb ………….
  • Offering products of International standards for WDG/SC formulations ( Morwets / Supragils / Gerapons )
  • Surfactant systems for EW / FS / SC formulations
  • Proven track record